NFL/College Pickem Contest

Pickem pools are one of the most basic, and most common pools. The big advantage with this type of pool is the repeat occurrances entrants come back. You can capture and recapture your target market over and over again throughout the NFL and college football season.

  • - Each entrant chooses their picks for NFL/College matchups you choose.

  • - Picks are made 'straight up' or with point spreads, and even use confidence ranking.

  • - Choose just NFL, or just college, or just the games you want each week.

  • - Choose to award prizes each week and season ending award.

  • - Capture your audience with a eighteen week contest that will keep them coming back again and again

  • - No messy registrations, entrants just enter their info and picks in one simple submission

  • - We track everything and automate results in real time

  • - No annoying ad banners, just a clean site with your content

  • - Collect email and other data from your entrants; All data collected is private

  • - Advertise your specials and any events you may have on the bracket site

  • - A Complete White-Label Branding, not just added banners like our competition.

  • - Optionally, embed contest pool on your site to enhance white-label conversion

  • - No organization too large or too small; Thousands of entries? Not a problem

  • - Celebrating 24 years running online pools and contests

This simply means that an entrant will visit our interface, enter their vitals (email, etc.), make their picks and then SUBMIT. This is important because it wont interfere with any login/membership requirements of your site. Also, it makes it less burdensome on the entrant to have to go through a messy registration/verification process. When entering our contests, the entrant knows they must enter the correct info or they may not receive their prize (for winning the contest).

The data collected (names, emails, etc.) are yours. We make it easy to to download and import the data into any spreadsheet or database (.csv format)

When we say we will customize, it means we will go beyond just placing your banner on the site. We will match the color, background, buttons and full CSS schemes to fully white-label and match to your existing site.

We dont just offer a cookie-cutter solution for you. We work with you and your graphics team to ensure the look and feel of the interface fits you perfectly. Even if you dont have a graphics team, we have professionals here who will work with you to make sure it it is just right.

Lets get the ball rolling

Feel free to describe your project in detail or let us know if we can answer questions for you.